2021.10.20 Soluva® UVC Solution for Air and Surface Disinfection

Crisis Awareness of Post Covid-19 Era
  • Covid-19 becomes flu-like epidemic, and it’s variants (Alpha、Beta、Gamma、Delta..) poses a serious challenge to epidemic prevention.
  • Vaccinated people can still be infected and spread viruses.
  • New Covid-19 variants are more infectious and reduce the protection of vaccines.
  • Countries with high percentage of population having vaccination still face the threat of Covid-19 variants.
  • People in populated areas, such as restaurants, stores, offices, and schools sometimes take off their masks to eat, drink and close contact with each other. If someone is infected, viruses spread immediately.

Soluva® UVC Solution for Air and Surface Disinfection
  • In Germany, other than traditional virus prevention measures such as masks, hand sanitizer and social distance, Heraeus develops a UVC solution for safe, fast, chemical-free, and highly efficient disinfection. The solution has been introduced to schools, restaurants, clinics, hotel lobbies, and production lines in Germany.
  • Soluva Air devices offer UVC air disinfection for different sizes and types of rooms. Through highly efficient air circulation and UVC air disinfection, the viruses are destroyed rapidly.
  • Scientific studies proves 99.91% virus reduction with the Soluva® Air devices.